Fifth Transfer Or Traditional Loan? Which One To Choose

When it comes to personal financing, the options are many and choosing (or at least orienting towards a choice) can be difficult. Given the very similar nature of some types of loans, such as personal loans and the salary backed, the question is legitimate: which one to choose?

They are both ideal types of financing for all those who need liquidity not tied to the purchase of specific goods or services, but when is the case of opting for the salary-backed salary? To help you choose, we present 6 good reasons to apply for this loan.

The 6 reasons to choose the Cession of the Fifth

After seeing what, in simple terms, the salary- backed salary, let’s see what needs it responds specifically, compared to a more traditional loan and other types of consumer loans.

  1. Untied – use of the loan without destination restrictions, remaining in the context of private consumption;
  2. Duration – Long-term financing: up to 10 years;
  3. Guarantees – No particular guarantee, beyond the existence of the salary;
  4. Easy to obtain – Possibility of obtaining the assignment of the fifth even in cases of foreclosure, protests or financial problems;
  5. Convenient – Convenience of payment of the loan, whose installment is deducted directly from the paycheck.
  6. Safe – Thanks to credit insurance coverage, you are safe in case of redundancies or deaths.

Ask the expert after the orientation

Ask the expert after the orientation

Choosing a personal loan is a serious decision. For this reason, the 6 reasons we have presented to you can only be a starting point for identifying which loan is best suited to your needs. For this reason it is important to rely on professionals who know how to evaluate every aspect of your need. For more information you can contact the Manubank operators or visit us at our branches or in the Manubank Family financial shops.

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