Payday Loan: Know the best loan options for public servants

Is there an emergency and will you need a loan? Calm! At the time of the squeeze it is common to be carried away by the moment accepting the first option to solve their problems. However, it is important to know the options available to the public servant not to sink into debt.

Among loan options, payroll is best because it has low interest rates.

What is payday loan?

What is payday loan?

In this type of loan, the bank or financier provides the credit to the public servant and discounts the installments directly from the salary. In addition, interest rates are lower than in the conventional loan due to the low default rate.

So that the salary of the public servant is not compromised, there is a limit of 30% of the income that can be destined to the consigned. This is the so-called payroll margin, and must be observed before contracting credit.

Each bank has specific conditions that are important to consider before choosing. Track 3 of the best loan options for public servants and make a conscious choice.

1 – Payroll loan Banksil

Banksil offers a good loan option for public servants, and allows you to make the first payment within 180 days after hiring. In addition, it is allowed to pay up to 96 times the debt and the interest rate is 1.82% per month. It is important to remember that the higher the installment, the higher the interest.

No guarantee or guarantor is required to apply for Banksil payroll loan. Facilitating hiring, which you can do over the internet, or by self-service terminals.

2 – Payroll loan Mul

Bank Mul specializes in payroll loans and provides credit to public servants without consulting the SPC / SERASA. So even if you have some outstanding debt you can apply for the Mul payroll loan.

You can do the hiring on the internet, by phone or at the authorized agencies themselves. The installment of debt can be made up to 58 times and the interest rate is 2.02% per month.

The big differential of the Mul bank is the Mul Card, which offers a payroll deductible credit card. In addition to facilitating the use of credit, you have an additional 5% available beyond the 30% payroll margin. So if you’ve already hit the 30% limit, the Mul Card is a good option. INSS pensioners and pensioners can hire you online at the Mul Store.

The Mul card also offers the ability to transfer up to 95% of the available card limit to your account. Thus, the requester can use it as he deems necessary. To request the extra money is not necessary to go to the bank branches. Because, just like the card, the transfer request can also be made online by the Mul Store.

3 – Maer Payroll Loan

Hiring the Maer payroll loan you have up to 60 days to start paying and you do not have to be a bank accountant at Maer. You can pay up to 72 times the debt, with an interest rate of 2.56% per month.

You can apply for credit through ATMs, the internet, or even the mobile application. Nor are guarantors required, which further facilitates their access to Maer payroll deductible loans.

Choose the best option

Choose the best option

To choose the best loan option for public servant it is important to analyze your situation. If there is still any doubt, in our post: What is payroll deductible credit, you have more details and information to understand more about this type of loan.